Move Existing Applications to the Cloud

The Lift & Shift (a.k.a. Move & Improve) Cloud migration model moves your existing applications to run on virtual servers in the cloud, using public or private Cloud platforms, without redesigning or re-implementing your applications. AST provides a proven, structured, and clear methodology to help you realize significant TCO reduction and maximum ROI with minimal disruption to business operations.

  • Specialized Tools & Processes
  • Cloud Testing Center of Excellence
  • Cloud PaaS and DevOps Management
  • Minimal Business Disruption

Key Benefits of This Solution


Improved System Reliability

Experience improved response times, greater system stability, 100% availability, and improved performance.


Scalable Global Platform

A platform that adapts to your changing business needs for application hosting, development, and deployment.


Cost Savings

Elite IT services at a predictable cost.

This migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will help an organization achieve its strategic goals of predictable infrastructure SLAs, platform consolidation, horizontal scalability, and TCO reduction within a period of 18 months. Our customers have truly transformed IT operations on the Cloud, from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model of service delivery.”

Subhasis Ganguly VP, AST Managed Services

Case Studies

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