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Cross Cloud Testing Services – An Autonomous Cloud Tester

In today’s everything-as-a-service, internet-of-everything world, the business of application testing has become infinitely more complex. Testers must now consider myriad applications, multiple platforms, numerous devices, browsers, security roles, and more. Combined with the pressure of digital transformation, compressed release schedules, and the need for more frequent test iterations, it is quickly becoming necessary for enterprises of all sizes to automate their testing processes and test cycles. Not to worry, AST has you covered via a comprehensive suite of automated testing and QA services across all Cloud and On-Premise solutions.

  • 60-80% reduction in test cycle times
  • Earlier detection of defects
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Detailed test results with clear audit trails for regulatory compliance
  • Increased testing coverage across platforms, browsers, security roles, and test instances
  • Rapid planning and execution of test cycles
  • Real time analytics and dashboards for test cycle assignments, progress, and defects
The pressure of digital transformation requires a level of test automation that far surpasses the capabilities of legacy testing platforms and manual processes.”
Navneet Ritolia
Director of Testing & QA, AST

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Our proprietary solution offers:

  • Pre-built repository of automated test scripts for critical business functionality
  • Rapid deployment of automated testing projects via test accelerator solutions
  • Highly secured and cloud-hosted test lab environments
  • Open source test automation frameworks
  • Single-stop shop covering testing and QA needs across cloud and on-premise apps
  • Flexible engagement and delivery models

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