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In the last few years, has acquired multiple businesses with diverse business processes and technology platforms, increasing the difficulty of connecting the systems across business units and providing real-time information to account executives. aspired to increase revenue through more efficient use of the massive amounts of data collected from its network of real estate websites. Its previous customer data model proved incapable of handling the multi-level hierarchy of real estate data feeds. Inefficient segmentation processes necessitated daily queries across numerous data sources.

Other major challenges included:

  • Limited scalability and lack of ability to adapt to changing business needs;
  • Need for an integrated platform to allocate leads and measure campaign ROI;
  • No automated handover of leads generated from campaigns, causing delays in lead-response times;
  • A host of home-grown applications, resulting in duplicate data entry, reduced productivity, higher call-handling times, and reduced data quality.

Our collaboration with AST has been a productive one ever since our first engagement that was initiated more than three years ago. The AST team has been extremely knowledgeable and AST has played a critical role in our Digital and Cloud transformation journey.”

Arul Daniel
Vice President of Enterprise Systems,

Solutions & Benefits

AST transformed the legacy on-premise technologies into a single, best-of-breed solution leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, with integration to Oracle CPQ Cloud and Zuora Subscription Billing. Critical prospect and customer information is centralized in an Operation Data Staging (ODS) database, enabling faster, more accurate targeting for sales and marketing.

AST developed a solution that addresses’s growing business needs.  The cloud-based solution now supports sales, marketing, and customer service processes in a unified, data-rich system. Additional benefits include:

  • Sales processes have been unified across business units and sales teams with a streamlined, simplified process.
  • Campaign management and tracking have vastly improved.
  • More insightful sales conversations are driven by higher-quality customer information.
  • The Sales Call Center is able to handle an increased number of calls with a significant reduction in time, and the data quality has notably increased.

Industry: Real Estate Services

Solution Components:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Oracle CPQ Cloud
  • Oracle Eloqua Cloud

Why AST ?

AST’s multi-pillar expertise enabled us to work with to create a true
best-of-breed solution and an environment of result-driven digital transformation.