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Situation identified that its sales team was spending hundreds of hours each month contacting customers via phone and email to discuss products reaching expiration. products typically renew on an annual basis, so this inefficient use of time was a recurring issue. The online real estate giant wanted an automated marketing solution that would overcome the following challenges:

  • Difficulty identifying contacts with products expiring the following month;
  • Lack of effective methods of reporting expiring products;
  • Inefficient renewal selection processes for customers;
  • Time-intensive and manual processing of the customer renewal responses;

With AST as its strategic partner, is realizing significant cost savings and the sales team is able to use its time more effectively to establish and build on existing customer relationships.”

Amit Ganguly
Vice President, CX

Solutions & Benefits

AST’s intelligent cloud solutions and industry expertise provided with a detailed landing page that displays all of a customer’s expiring products. A multi-step campaign was created to send timely and effective notification emails, including a customized URL that calls a landing page and displays the correct products.

The Eloqua implementation has streamlined the customer renewal process and provided critical integration with Salesforce. Now, product renewal information is fed back to Salesforce and updates are processed automatically.

AST’s implementation of this modern marketing cloud solution has helped overcome its product renewal challenges. The organization has realized a significant increase in customer renewals and is saving hundreds of hours of sales team effort each month.

Industry: Real Estate

Solution Components:

  • Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua)

Why AST ?

AST’s expertise with Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) enabled it to transform’s
customer product renewal processes by establishing new features and best practices to
support marketing automation.