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Multiple disconnected systems and processes necessitated that Carmeuse replace its legacy systems with a more advanced and comprehensive platform. The client needed a global solution crossing the CX stack, CPQ, and ERP.

Carmeuse struggled with:

  • Lengthy timelines when providing customer quotes.
  • Pricing inaccuracies due to varied regional processes.
  • Consistent global branding and international language requirements.
  • The lack of a single global database of customer records.

With an international presence spanning Western, Central, and Eastern Europe, North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, Carmeuse sought the expertise of an implementation partner that could improve its quote response time and standardize its branding and global reporting with a unified solution.

Carmeuse has tremendously enhanced its customer experience with a cross-pillar solution delivered by AST. A project of this magnitude demands a partner with the global presence and expertise to successfully deliver on client objectives. AST is that partner.”

Amit Ganguly, VP, CX, AST LLC

Solutions & Benefits

AST’s cross-pillar expertise and deep experience with CX, CPQ, and ERP integrations proved extremely valuable to the client. AST’s global presence and expert resources supported Carmeuse’s cultural variances and enabled the implementation of a single, worldwide solution in 17 countries in just 30 weeks. The on time and within budget project has resulted in the following business improvements for Carmeuse:

  • Key integrations have reduced quote response time by 200% and increased pricing accuracy, leading to higher margins.
  • The CPQ implementation has resulted in quotes with consistent branding globally and in any local language across all locations, resulting in 13 deals at $2M in revenue within the first 21 days.
  • Carmeuse and its subsidiaries in Canada and Thailand now have a global database of records for all customers, which is accessible across all locations.
  • Global, flexible pricing models have increased pricing accuracy.

Industry: Construction

Solution Components:

  • Oracle Engagement Cloud
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud
  • Oracle CPQ
  • Oracle CX Mobile Cloud
  • OSC Outlook Integration
  • IDB Integration

Why AST ?

AST’s cross-pillar expertise and deep experience with the prescribed solutions provided Carmeuse with a single view of customer data, quicker close times, improved quoting and approval efficiency, and overall greater customer experience.