Proven Security for Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables business operations with a level of agility never before possible. In order to provide such a seamless and efficient platform, leading-edge technology concepts such as Infrastructure as Code (IaC), homogenous and invisible environments, and open source stacks are used, but these technologies can create security vulnerabilities that may compromise the entire cloud environment and hybrid architecture. It is important to continuously monitor your services and applications for vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits, proactively enforcing key IT policies.
AST Cloud Armor provides visibility into all of your AWS accounts, monitoring both sanctioned and unsanctioned accounts to provide metrics on utilization, performance, health, trends, and security information. Backed by Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for user behavior monitoring, AST’s solution identifies anomalous behavior, suspicious activity, and user risks, and enforces defined IT security policies on your Cloud services.
AST Cloud Armor can connect to both on-premise and cloud services, providing analysis of your entire IT landscape in a single view. Combined with OS, workload, database, and custom app monitoring, AST Cloud Armor allows you to discover zero-day threats and on-going attacks before they turn critical, giving your organization the peace-of-mind necessary to deliver modern technology with confidence.

  • Protect your AWS investment from data leaks and policy violations
  • Monitor user behavior to quickly discover compromised accounts
  • Effortlessly enforce IT policies and monitor for configuration drifts
  • Prevent risky configurations for services and entities

Key Benefits of This Solution


Complete Visibility

Get ‘single-pane-of-glass’ monitoring for infrastructure, apps, data, and compliance across your hybrid cloud and AWS stack


Proactive Protection

Leverage real-time threat and intelligence feeds to prevent zero-day attacks across the AWS stack


Continuous Compliance

Leverage your compliance scorecard to ensure uninterrupted compliance

AST’s Cloud Armor solution for the AWS stack provides the proactive security you need for leading-edge technology by using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.”

Mrityunjay Kant Director, Cloud Platform and Security, AST LLC