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CFOs are far more than financiers these days. According to consulting giant Accenture, they are now “architects of business value.” Accenture says 88% of CFOs have embraced this role by rolling out metrics to step up their influence over business …

Why CFOs are Falling in Love with Oracle CPQ Read More »

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Manufacturer disrupted An uncertain macro-economic and geo-political climate, Brexit, trade wars, ever-changing regulations, complex, global supply chains, fierce global competition, skilled labor shortages, demanding customers, and ever-shifting customer tastes… Welcome to the world of manufacturing:  a dynamic, volatile, pressure-filled sector …

CPQ – Vital to Manufacturing eCommerce in the B2B2C Age Read More »

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CPQ comes of age in the cloud Configure, Price, Quote, or CPQ, is software that helps companies quickly generate quotes for the right products and services, with accurate pricing, for customers. By doing so, CPQ is a win-win-win for sales pros, customers, and …

Virtual CPQ – A ‘Must-have’ for Manufacturers Read More »

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