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The world has become more connected by technology, but the business of application testing is becoming more complex. Not to worry, AST has you covered!    Our comprehensive suite of automated testing and QA services for cloud applications will enable 80% reduction in patch testing time, 65% reduction in annual testing costs, and increased testing coverage across platforms, browsers, security roles, and test instances. Read …

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With new releases and patches being released by software vendors monthly or quarterly, organizations need to revisit their testing strategies for SaaS investment. , Click below to learn how AST’s Testing-as-a-service (TaaS) can reduce your testing spend by over 65%.  Contact us and learn more about how AST’s TaaS platform help automate cloud application testing. 

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Get ready to experience faster, more accurate, and cost-effective testing for Cloud Applications with AST’s best-in-class Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS).” AST’s TaaS is a proven solution that helps organizations identify defects 90% faster and reduces patch testing time by over 80%. On …

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Hope everyone enjoyed our Lunch & Learn: Securing Your Remote Digital Workforce!  AST would like to thank those who attended our Lunch & Learn session. We hope you learned a lot about strategizing for security needs with Oracle and AST, and we look forward to joining you at our next event.  We …

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Learn Oracle strategies in Cloud security to support a remote digital workforce with AST and Oracle.  Speakers:  Tom Kopec, Senior Security Consultant at Oracle Corporation & Shob Saxena, Practice Director at AST LLC.  Do not miss this discussion on the superior security benefits intrinsic in …

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Thanks to technology and the disruption caused due to COVID-19, working remotely is an imperative. While organizations continue to make strides in embracing work-from-home, securing data and a remote digital workforce is an emerging area of concern.  If you share these concerns, join us for an immersive Lunch …

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Data integrity is the key to organizational accuracy, and information privacy is a key tenet supporting that data. Join us to understand Privileged Access Management (PAM), how PAM authentication works and its best practices. Also, we will discuss the differences between IAM and PAM!  AST and Oracle are collaborating to bring …

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Increase visibility into your entire cloud stack and provide the security automation your IT team needs with features like automated incident response, threat detection, predictive analytics and security configuration management.  AST and Oracle have collaborated to bring our combined knowledge and expertise to …

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When giving your workforce access to mission-critical resources on the cloud, user authentication is imperative! Please join us for a valuable webinar to learn how Oracle’s Identity and Access Management can augment your strategy around secured accesses for a remote …

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Please join us for a valuable webinar to learn how changing workplace conditions have influenced cloud security strategies to support a remote digital workforce. AST and Oracle have collaborated to bring our combined knowledge and expertise to share helpful tips …

Identity-as-a-Service: A Foundation for Cloud Security Read More »

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