What Security Risks are Lurking in Your Cloud Applications?

An unfortunate reality is that most companies today lack a security strategy and road map for their cloud landscapes, leaving the organization vulnerable to security breaches, data loss, and a host of other risks. If you’re not sure what your company’s security strategy is, or if you’re not confident in the approach, let AST’s security experts help you identify and mitigate your risks for a more secure future in the cloud.

AST’s Cloud Security Assessment helps organizations boost the security of public cloud deployments by identifying threats caused by misconfigurations, unwarranted access, and non-standard deployments. We assess your vendors and environments for key security elements, such as data segmentation, configuration drift, and regulatory compliance benchmarks. Additionally, our wealth of application security experience enables us to assess customized parameters and include your organization’s specific requirements or compliance commitments.

Our zero-obligation Cloud Security Assessment includes:

  • Data Security and Encryption Assessment
  • Cloud Access Controls and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Data Loss Prevention Readiness Assessment

AST’s Cloud Security Assessment is driving success for organizations across North America, including a Global Trading Platform – discover how our comprehensive assessment led to a solution for a secure, horizontally-scalable architecture, service-based integration, and multi-factor authentication.

Contact AST today to boost the security of your public cloud deployment.

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