Enhance Your Business Infrastructure with Increased Agility

Defining a cloud-based DevOps strategy is imperative to any long-term cloud transformation agenda. AST’s Automation and DevOps Assessment examines the maturity of your DevOps and identifies a road map for improvement. Results are identified by priority, with a business case, anticipated costs, and ROI projections.

AST’s expert Cloud Assessment team will ascertain how DevOps, site reliability engineering, automation, and continuous deployment can optimize your delivery processes to achieve the best value from your cloud investments.

Our zero-obligation Automation and DevOps Assessment includes:

  • A cloud infrastructure automation road map
  • A DevOps automation/management plan
  • A test automation evaluation

Discover how a leader in customer loyalty technology has benefited from AST’s comprehensive cloud assessment.

Contact us today for your zero-obligation Automation and DevOps Assessment.

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