AST Corporation


This client provides data on financial markets, banks, and financial institutions worldwide. With over half a million global users accessing financial data including financial statements, ownership information, market analysis, filings, mergers, and acquisitions the financial giant was facing some key security challenges on a daily basis.

It needed a Cloud platform to enhance system security, as well as a solution to address data security weaknesses in mission-critical databases.

AST’s assessment process validated our customer’s complete confidence in the proposed solutions.”

Shyam Kumar
VP, Tech Services, AST LLC

Solutions & Benefits

AST performed a Security Assessment and prepared a blueprint for a high-availability environment to address compliance initiatives, data monitoring, and protection for data in transit. The blueprint also included role-based and rule-based access management for both applications and data.

AST’s Security Assessment resulted in a solution that provides the client with:

  • Encryption of sensitive data for protection of data-in-transit;
  • Verification of data access requests against a set of predetermined rules; and
  • Network access control based on user role definition.

Industry: Financial Services

Solution Components:

  • AST Cloud Security Assessment
  • Amazon Web Services – EC2, Lambda, S3
  • Oracle Access Management 12c
  • Oracle Identity Cloud Service

Why AST ?

AST conducted a comprehensive assessment to provide a solution for a secure, horizontally-scalable architecture, service-based integration, and multi-factor authentication.