Oracle’s Innovative Next-Step for Cloud

Oracle has made great strides in becoming a leader in the Cloud business, including a giant leap with its announcement in a March 24thpress release titled, “Oracle Unveils Suite of Breakthrough Services to Help Simplify Cloud Adoption by Global Corporations”. How does the software giant’s announcement affect your IT?
Many organizations are working to leverage the value of Cloud computing. In evaluating Cloud providers, Oracle’s Cloud services have become a stand-out choice; however, security and privacy regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and FedRAMP have made it challenging to take advantage of the Cloud services. Oracle is now extending its Cloud to an on-premise appliance providing the features of Oracle Cloud. Organizations will now have full control of their data, enable the same tools and APIs of the Oracle Cloud, and move workloads between on-premise Cloud and the Oracle Cloud, while remaining compliant with regulations.
If your IT department has been looking to leverage the value of Cloud, but has faced challenging regulations, it now has an alternative. Oracle Cloud at Customer now gives you the flexibility of Cloud computing, while keeping everything on-premise.

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