Cloud BI – Integrated and Affordable

Cloud BI tools level the playing field for small companies.  Armed with the same tools as their larger counterparts, small companies can compete like never before!  Cloud BI provides an integrated, affordable solution to any organization.  The new Cloud subscription model provides any business, including smaller entrepreneurs, access to Business Intelligence that they may not have previously had with costly, on-premise solutions.
The Cloud advantages are many.  Subscription levels allows solutions to grow as the business grows; Cloud makes BI more useful than ever for organizations, big and small, by integrating data from all corners of the enterprise, and it no longer requires a huge team and years of work to get up and running with a BI solution.
A Cloud solution can be implemented in a short amount of time and can integrate more data than ever before.  When it’s time to upgrade, hosted software in the Cloud removes the excess worry that existed with on-premise upgrades.
Brad Peters discusses this topic further in this article from CIOReview Magazine.

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