Tech Shorts: Errors in Provisioning Oracle SOA Cloud Service

Tech Shorts: Errors in Provisioning Oracle SOA Cloud Service

Oracle Cloud Service, with its array of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS offerings, is slowly becoming the tool of choice for business and IT teams when it comes to maximizing development efficiency and improving application roll outs.  For Oracle SOA Suite, setting up the development (dev) environment, which was once a considerably technical process prior to Oracle SOA Suite 11g, has improved greatly with the introduction of Oracle SOA Suite 12c.

Now, with the ability to provision Oracle SOA Suite on the cloud as a Cloud Service instance, it has become even more business friendly and efficient. All of the steps have been neatly documented by Oracle at

We recently worked on setting up a development environment for our internal use with SOA-CS.  However, after following all of the steps mentioned in the above link, our provisioning failed at the final step while configuring Oracle SOA Cloud Service, providing an error such as the one below:

Failed to create JCS Service.

This error was visible after clicking on the failed provisioning request, as shown below:


Navigating to the JCS Service console for more details revealed the actual error to be:

Failed to configure WebLogic Administration Server. JCS-ERR-20027. Cannot establish connection using connect string ‘DatabaseService12c:1521/PDB1.acmeinternationalomw.oraclecloud.internal’ and userName ‘SYS as sysdba’. Reason: ‘IO Error: Unknown host specified

As part of the provisioning steps, the access rules are not enabled by default, but need to be enabled manually. After completing Section 1 from the link above, login to your DBaaS service console and click on the DB Service instance initially created as part of the process. Then, click on Access Rules, as shown in the following screenshot:


You will see that the rule ‘ora_p2_dblistener’ is disabled by default:


Click on the Actions column for that rule and enable the rule, after which you should see the rule enabled:


Once this has been enabled, you can start provisioning and connect to your Oracle SOA Cloud Service; this database error should no longer occur.

If you would like additional detailed steps regarding our particular use case and provisioning considerations, please leave a comment and we will elaborate on the steps involved.

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