Artificial Intelligence in Business – How Oracle’s Cloud Applications are at the Forefront of Innovation

Cloud_Blue_Data_AI_TechnologyAs artificial intelligence (AI) technologies make their way into nearly every realm of business, many find themselves asking, “Are cloud applications up to speed?”  Oracle CEO Mark Hurd has “explained that the company’s approach isn’t to build discrete AI applications, but rather to embed AI capabilities into Oracle Cloud application, platform, and infrastructure services its customers use to run their businesses,” says Michael Hickins, Director of Strategic Communications for Oracle.

AI can absorb mundane tasks and crunch enormous amounts of existing digital consumer and business data, freeing up executives to focus on true decision-making to improve all aspects of business. “…business leaders can focus on managing their business outcomes, their bottom lines, and have new technology adapting to them, rather than managing new technology,” says Mahipal Lunia, Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle.

Learn more about Oracle’s AI-infused applications that customers can use immediately in a specific business context, without any extra development work on their part.

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