Upcoming Webinar: Selling Smart with CPQ Cloud and Real-Time Analytics!

Selling Smart with CPQ Cloud and Real-Time Analytics - Webinar ThumbnailIs your organization a part of the Modern CX Revolution? If not, you may soon be left behind.

Companies are quickly finding that they must build sales efficiencies to thrive in today’s highly-competitive markets. Smart organizations are enabling their teams with technology to support fast and accurate quotes, even for the most complex, configurable solutions. More importantly, prescriptive, descriptive, and predictive analytics can be used to price each quote optimally for increased win ratios!

Oracle Configure/Price/Quote (CPQ) transforms the quoting process with in-built Real-Time Analytics that support pricing for each quote. Join us for a free, informative webinar on Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 1:00 PM CDT discussing how Oracle CPQ helps rapidly grow businesses by leveraging its powerful deal analytics capabilities. Enable your sales team to sell smarter than the competition!

We will share how one customer is transforming its local and global operations by streamlining and standardizing its processes, including the use of analytics. What factors hindered their growth? Why did they choose Oracle CPQ? What have they achieved so far? Find out how AST’s multi-pillar approach, competencies, and methodologies helped them get ahead of the competition.

Be a part of the Modern CX revolution – transform your sales processes and rapidly grow your business! Get started by registering today.

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