Breaking News! AST Receives Equity Investment from Tailwind Capital!

shutterstock_280349987In a press release published this morning, we announced Tailwind Capital’s equity investment in AST. Tailwind Capital is a leading middle market private equity firm investing in growth-oriented companies in targeted sectors within healthcare, business services, and industrial services.

AST has made significant investments in becoming an Oracle cloud leader, with more than ninety percent of AST’s workforce now cloud certified, and has become a trusted partner in navigating our customers’ transition to the cloud, from development of an internal cloud strategy and framework, to full implementation, and ultimately to post-deployment support and managed services.

“As a member of the exclusive group of Oracle Cloud Premier Partners, AST represents an attractive opportunity as a leader in the continued transition of enterprise applications to the cloud,” said Gurvendra Suri, an Operating Executive of Tailwind Capital and incoming Chairman of AST’s Board of Directors. “We are confident in this team’s ability to take AST to the next level, particularly with the current and potential growth in Oracle’s cloud business and the continued need for services partners to implement, integrate and manage Oracle’s extensive suite of products for public and private enterprises.”

This has been an exciting endeavor for AST. We are proud of our organization’s success and look forward to an exhilarating future!

Read the full press release here.

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2 comments on “Breaking News! AST Receives Equity Investment from Tailwind Capital!
  1. Question / Comment… related to AST youtube video presentation about AST and Oracle CJIS Enterprise Solutions – frankly found it super lite. Do you have a deeper practice on helping Law Enforcement or COurts agencies reduce their operational risk and also be able to pass audits. I am looking to partner with serious CJIS playing firms. THANK YOU.

    • astblogsadmin says:

      We thank you for your interest in AST and our CJIS specialization. Our staff has extensive CJIS experience and expertise. They have been through multiple CJIS audits with agencies in the past and have received special recognition by the FBI as part of their efforts. We have been recognized by many of our customers, for example. We invite you to contact us directly if you would like further information.

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