Build a “Security First” Culture with DevSecOps on AWS

DevSecOps is an approach to IT and application security that is based on the principles of DevOps.  Because Cloud Security and Compliance are a shared responsibility between AWS and the customer, it is important that security become an enabler and an integral part of your culture.
DevSecOps is a full-stack concept, covering the network, host, containers, cloud, database, and data at rest and in transit, and spanning the full software development lifecycle (code, deployment, operations, monitoring).
AST’s AWS team offers a comprehensive approach to security in new or existing DevOps processes.

  • Visible Security – Highlight the value of security and empower your engineering and IT teams to deliver highly-secured applications in production.
  • Shift Left – Security activities begin during development and extend through the entire development lifecycle, with continuous feedback at every stage.
  • Security as Code – Encode architecture and configuration best practices by ensuring your tools and platform remain secure.
  • Continuous Security – Adopt AST’s 3-step security process to integrate your teams and tools with minimal disruption.

Key Benefits of This Solution


Security-First Culture

Increase awareness of security threats across your organization while simultaneously offering a solution to mitigate security risks.



Work collaboratively with AWS to ensure your systems are protected at every level.



AST’s proven methodologies ensure process integration with tools and teams, with minimal disruption to your business.

DevSecOps should be embraced by every organization. AST’s holistic approach ensures secure solutions from the very start of development, works hand-in-hand with AWS processes, and enables a culture to embrace a “Secure First” mentality.”

Mrityunjay Kant Technology Practice Director