AST's RAPID Implementation Accelerates Your Path to ROI

Speed, savings and performance – you really can have all three with AST’s turnkey RAPID solution for Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud. With AST RAPID, you can harness powerful new business capabilities in 13 weeks, with a 40%-60% reduction in implementation costs for a faster path to ROI.

You already know Oracle’s reputation for helping firms create flexibility, increase resilience and drive growth with its cloud ERP and SCM solutions. Now AST, the largest pure-play Oracle ERP cloud implementation firm in North America, offers its RAPID implementation solution to accelerate your deployment of these Tier-1 Oracle applications while providing tangible ROI.

With AST’s RAPID solution, you gain an out-of-the-box solution that reduces cost and risk, helping you grow revenues and profitability with minimal disruption to your business during implementation.

Use our RAPID implementation of Oracle Cloud to:

  • Transform your business operations
  • Reduce costs and condense your implementation timeline
  • Decrease the implementation burden on your staff

Key Benefits of AST's RAPID Solution


Transform Your Business Operations

Leverage Oracle’s Tier-1 ERP and SCM applications and in-built modern practices to transform your business operations.

  • Understand your cash position
  • Shorten financial close processes
  • Build a solid foundation for continuous digital transformation

Reduce Costs and Condense Your ERP and SCM Implementation Timeline

Gain fast access to your new Oracle applications with AST’s RAPID implementation, increasing your business flexibility and agility.

  • Harness powerful new capabilities in thirteen weeks
  • Reduce implementation costs by 40%-60%
  • Gain a faster path to ROI

Reduce the Implementation Burden on Your Staff

Free your staff to innovate and serve customers with AST’s RAPID turnkey Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud implementation.

  • Let AST take care of all requirements gathering, modeling and testing
  • Use our personalized training materials to drive user adoption
  • Get four weeks of production support to make the transition
  • Gain support for your first month-end close

Our approach is not “quick and dirty” or “fast and furious”. Rather, it is a relevant, appropriate, and immediate foundation for business success. Our approach minimizes client resource requirements for testing, instead focusing on the key success factors of data migration, learning, and change management. Ultimately, our client's time is spent on acceptance and adoption, rather than verifying that we configured the solution correctly. Our proven capabilities also ensure drastically reduced TCO and that you are positioned for long-term success."

Paul Sharpe RAPID Architect, AST LLC

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