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Situation had a number of critical sales and operational issues plaguing its organization. It operated manual marketing processes for email campaigns, into which it had minimal insight. In addition, the company used a host of home-grown applications that caused duplicate data entry, reduced productivity, and increased call-handling times.

Additional issues that the organization faced included:

  • Lack of a unified selling process across different products, causing delays in the sales cycle and order fulfilment;
  • System maintenance difficulties; realized that it required a modern Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solution that could be implemented quickly and effectively, while adapting to the complex organizational challenges it faced on a day-to-day basis as a large company.

The [AST] team has been at the core of this transformation and very effective on this entire program—they have guided Realtor through this and the overall cloud roadmap. They have shown great competence and partnership along the way.”

Sanjay Hoskeri
Director of Software Systems,

Solutions & Benefits

As a trusted advisor and technology partner to, AST aided the client in deploying a customizable, scalable Oracle CPQ solution that integrates seamlessly with its existing platform, streamlining the quote-to-cash process. The solution provides flawless data reporting, as well as:

  • Seamless generation of proposals, assets, and invoices; collection of cash; and management of revenue recognition;
  • Creation of sales quotes quickly and accurately with real-time inventory figures;
  • Configuration of non-inventory and inventory products, driven by real-time interactive heat maps;
  • Consistent, flexible, automated pricing and discounting logic;
  • Support of complex, internal approval hierarchies; and
  • A single view of customer data, enabling accurate sales forecasts based on reliable information.

Industry: Retail

Solution Components:

  • Oracle CPQ Cloud
  • CRM

Why AST ?

AST’s expertise and domain knowledge enabled to simplify product configuration,
ensure pricing and quoting accuracy, and more closely manage discounting practices—all while
helping sales reduce errors and improve productivity.