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McNichols Company had been configuring sales quotes using a manual system based on Excel spreadsheets. This process was inefficient and incapable of scaling with the business, hindering executives from building relationships with customers. Due to business evolution and planned growth, McNichols realized it needed a quote system that provided more accuracy and consistency. McNichols sought a solution that would deliver:

  • Accurate product configuration based on customer criteria;
  • Inclusion of necessary services and offerings;
  • An accurate, updated log and reporting on quotes in the sales queue;
  • Accurate pricing and lead times;
  • Support for a multi-partner sales channel with a variety of pricelists; and
  • Improved efficiency in the CPQ process through a single application.

The result has been a much more consistent and professional quote to our customers. Oracle CPQ allows our sales representatives to spend more time building relationships with the customers and closing orders.”

Matthew Domit
VP, Business Optimization and CIO, McNichols Company

Solutions & Benefits

AST implemented Oracle CPQ and integrated the solution with McNichols’ existing sales force automation (SFA) system, enabling automatic updates of sales forecasts as quotes and orders are created or changed. The solution allows a single view of customer data by feeding Customer and Item Master Data from Oracle ERP into Oracle CPQ through a nightly, automated batch import. The implementation was successfully completed in seven months and was rapidly adopted by the sales team within three months.

Industry: Engineering

Solution Components:

  • Oracle CPQ

Why AST ?

AST’s rapid implementation of this CPQ solution for McNichols has revolutionized the firm’s
quoting process and provided more time for the sales team to understand client needs,
resulting in more targeted and effective selling practices.