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Harsco Metals & Minerals originally managed customer and sales data using email and spreadsheets. Its customer interactions were neither tracked nor documented effectively, and customer relationships were suffering. Harsco’s lack of standardization did not allow sales representatives and managers to effectively track and gain insight from the sales pipeline.

As the organization’s sales processes suffered, so did sales team motivation and the company’s bottom line. Harsco needed an expert to revolutionize its enterprise systems and implement best practices in order to improve customer relationships, and:

  • Create a centralized repository for global account management.
  • Increase sales automation and tracking of customer interactions
  • Advanced analytics to provide business insight and decision-making support.

AST’s implementation of modernized applications and business processes has dramatically improved the way sales leadership views and manages customer data.”

Amit Ganguly, VP of CX, AST LLC

Solutions & Benefits

AST utilized its decades of experience providing transformational enterprise solutions to address Harsco’s critical business needs, assisting the company in effectively leveraging its Oracle system to improve sales operations. The solution now acts as the Customer Master, providing both account and contact data to Oracle Sales Cloud and maintaining a central data repository for the Sales Organization.

AST’s successful implementation of this modern solution provides the following additional capabilities and efficiencies for Harsco:

  • Sales automation for improved tracking and management of the opportunity lifecycle.
  • Customer interaction tracking and integration with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Pipeline reporting for opportunities based on sales stage, win, loss, and no-sale analysis.

Industry: Manufacturing

Solution Components:

  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Oracle E-Business Suite R12

Why AST ?

AST utilized its decades of experience providing transformational enterprise solutions to implement
a centralized CRM solution for Harsco, leading to greater sales insights, standardized customer data,
and more lucrative customer relationships.