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Drop Tank had been manually installing and maintaining equipment at participating gas stations in order to retrieve and utilize customer and program data. The startup was experiencing serious issues with integration between systems that severely impacted its ability to provide valuable rewards programs to a wide range of customers. The proprietary systems used by gas stations for rewards processing posed a significant challenge for Drop Tank as it planned to expand its platform to include hotels, airlines, and retail partners for redemption of rewards points.

Drop Tank sought the following:

  • A robust integration platform that could support legacy TCP integrations;
  • The ability to support loosely-coupled integration with and Hatch Loyalty APIs with minimal incremental development efforts;
  • A reduction in manual effort required for transaction reconciliation;
  • Integrated web and mobile apps for end user rewards management.

AST partnered with Drop Tank, its vendors, partners, and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive specification for an integration platform, using Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Cloud Service (CS), to ensure both current and future needs were addressed.

Our partnership with AST has been productive from the very beginning.  The team worked quickly and efficiently to make the launch a success, even handling issues that were not in the scope of the engagement. They have been able to work with us throughout this entire process to make this program a success and eliminate our biggest cost of doing business. We’re thrilled to continue working with AST into the future…”

Dave VanWiggeren, CEO, Drop Tank, LLC

Solutions & Benefits

With Oracle SOA CS, AST has eliminated the need for manual installation and maintenance of equipment at physical locations, thereby completely eradicating Drop Tank’s largest business cost and hurdle to growth.

The solution provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for dedicated hardware devices, reducing the cost to onboard new stations and operational overhead for existing stations.
  • Allows consumers to earn points and redeem them for airline miles or hotel points, and eliminates the need for gift cards to track usage and offers.
  • Provides insight into user behavior and the ability to build analytics based on this data.
  • Ability to visually debug and trace transaction issues (improved traceability).
  • Mobile-enabled integration stack with REST APIs.

Industry: Retail

Solution Components:

  • Oracle SOA Cloud
  • Oracle Java Cloud
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Ionic Framework (Mobile)
  • AngularJS and Angular UI

Why AST ?

As Drop Tank’s end-to-end technology partner for its nationwide gas station customer rewards program, AST has successfully built and supported Drop Tank’s entire loyalty program rollout, including the infrastructure, mobile app, and website. AST continues to support Drop Tank’s growth and success with development and new feature functionality, including autonomous technology, such as a data warehouse and Oracle Management Cloud.