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The City of San Jose faced limitations with its legacy information system, which lacked analytical functions and access to current facts, data, and non-emergency requests. Citizens of the city, accustomed to internet and mobile technology, found slow response times simply unacceptable.

The City sought to enhance its capabilities in responding to Citizens’ needs, specifically with a Service Request Management (SRM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to meet modern demands.

With these efforts, the City also hoped to enable collection of more meaningful data that would aid in request analysis so that the City could budget and respond more effectively to its constituents.

[The] launch of My San Jose culminates a six-month effort… During the Alpha and Beta testing, My San Jose received overwhelmingly positive feedback on its ease of use and functionality. We’re eager to see the community response and use of this tool.”

Kip Harkness
Deputy City Manager, San Jose, CA

Solutions & Benefits

After closely analyzing the City’s business needs and goals, AST implemented a modern, cloud-based 311 solution, enabling the City to engage citizens with greater efficiency and improved agility, instill trust in city governance, and build a community of informed and prepared citizens.

The solution has also allowed the City to increase direct communication with its citizens through email, application notifications and comments, and live chat, while also ensuring that telephone correspondence is available when required.

The City has realized the following benefits with the Oracle Service Cloud and AST 311 solution:

  • Real-time reports and analytics across all service levels;
  • Simplified service request workflows;
  • A user-friendly mobile application;
  • Inclusion of photos and geo-tags in multi-channel service requests;
  • Integration with key business applications;
  • Multi-channel communication with the City’s constituents.

Industry: State & Local Government

Solution Components:

  • Oracle Service Cloud
  • Oracle Integration Cloud Services
  • Oracle Data Visualization Cloud
  • AST 311 Solution

Why AST ?

AST’s expertise in technology and deep domain experience with municipal governments brought this
innovative 311 Solution to the City of San Jose. The city has improved municipal services through
modern communication channels.