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CAP’s IT infrastructure included nine environments (four legacy, five Oracle) including a variety of Oracle applications — EBS, OBIEE, Hyperion, WCS, UCM, IPM, and SOA. These applications had been implemented, but lacked appropriate integration across the organization, causing operational inefficiencies and numerous business challenges related to version compatibility, security, and compliance.

Without a shared, enterprise-wide identity management solution, it was the responsibility of each application and data owner to manage and maintain access rights for all internal users. The CAP IT teams lacked the time and expertise to appropriately manage this inefficiency, resulting in duplicate and poorly managed identities across various applications.

The company also lacked automation of user onboarding, provisioning, and de-provisioning, leaving the IT help desk with the responsibility of ensuring successful and complete onboarding and de-provisioning. This was costly, inefficient, a security risk, and was becoming an immense challenge with the growth of the organization.

Our Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite initiative has been very successful in delivering the key functionality we need to move forward. The success of this complex project is testament to AST’s technology and project management expertise, as well as the power of our Oracle solutions.

Shannon Hoekstra
Senior Manager, Information Systems, College of American Pathologists

Solutions & Benefits

AST’s team of Security experts built a secure, common platform for all enterprise-wide Oracle Applications, laying the foundation for CAP’s Enterprise Platform Project (EPP). AST implemented a reliable and scalable security infrastructure, one less complex, more secure, and easily integrated with both legacy and EPP applications.

The project integrated over 40 legacy and EPP systems across various departments, and phased out legacy LDAP systems, reducing maintenance cost and saving on annual licenses and fees. CAP has also since introduced Oracle iStore and leveraged single sign-on on its website to provide access to iStore, extending the capability even further.

  • Streamlined and optimized business process flows.
  • Improved timeliness and access to reporting data and financial close.
  • Enabled real-time visibility into budget usage.
  • A cloud approach that has reduced infrastructure investment.

Industry: Non-Profit Organization

Solution Components:

  • Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite
  • Oracle Directory Services
  • Oracle Identity Manager
  • Oracle Access Manager
  • Oracle Identity Federation
  • Oracle Entitlements Server
  • Oracle Virtual Directory

Why AST ?

AST brought deep experience to implement an enterprise-class security platform, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and significantly strengthening security across the organization.