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A prominent cancer research center was experiencing challenges in cross-departmental communication. Relationships were managed using multiple spreadsheets, SharePoint documents, departmental applications, and sticky notes. This led to duplicate efforts between the Marketing and Philanthropy departments when attempting to organize fundraising or sponsored events. Aside from the difficulty in tracking ongoing parallel conversations, the company struggled to identify critical industry contacts.

The organization was also experiencing privacy concerns since the database of contacts had visibility across many divisions. It required an application that could provide specific visibility, allowing the navigation of contacts, schedules, and campaigns relevant to each division.

The organization required a solution that would provide:

  • Organization-wide visibility;
  • Centralized Customer Relationship Management;
  • More efficient relationships with vendors, sponsors, collaborators, educators, researchers, and corporate partners.
  • Effective engagement with division-specific prospects and customers

The center sought to invest in a solution that would increase collaboration and accelerate its mission statement: to discover a cure for cancer.

Originally, we said that unless this tool—and the associated investment—was going to contribute to their mission of finding a cure of cancer, they should not proceed with the project. Since the implementation, they are already experiencing benefits.”

Project Manager, AST LLC

Solutions & Benefits

With a background in both non-profit CRM, Marketing, and medical research, AST provided a unique intersection of thought leadership and industry expertise. With the expectation to go beyond merely implementing a solution, AST also provided best practices, business guidance, and process re-engineering, ultimately leading to a successful engagement.

AST’s implementation of a world-class Marketing and CRM solution, as well as custom integration, allows the organization’s medical research system to link to Sales Cloud, thereby enabling instant notification of the business development team when a new piece of intellectual property is ready to market. The CRM solution provides marketing automation, allowing departments to communicate with their constituents quickly and efficiently.

Understanding the need to keep contacts segregated for privacy purposes, AST introduced Contact Security, part of the Oracle Eloqua Security Administration Cloud Service. Modified specifically to meet the criteria of each division within the organization, Contact Security allows each division to manage their prospects with controlled access to a shared set of customer/prospect data, campaign templates, forms, and other marketing resources. Eloqua also provides flexibility in sending customized messaging to meet each division’s campaign requirements.

The solution provides the following additional marketing and customer engagement benefits:

  • Reduced process times;
  • Reduced marketing campaign creation time from several weeks to just hours;
  • Organization-wide visibility into customer and campaign activity;
  • Centralized contact information repository; and
  • A single, comprehensive platform for all marketing communication and campaign management.

Industry: Healthcare

Solution Components:

  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua)
  • Java Application for Inteum Integration

Why AST ?

With over 2 decades working with clients of all industries, AST’s deep experience in both
non-profit CRM and medical research led to a successful implementation for this
prominent cancer research center, facilitating greater collaboration more quickly
and efficiently, and enabling an acceleration of its mission-critical endeavors.