How do customers benefit from a truly #integrated #cloud #platform?

Just 3 weeks to go – don’t miss this opportunity

AST is offering you an opportunity to learn more about #Oracle’s #Cloud #Platform through an informative and hands-on workshop happening in our Pune office! Mark your calendars for Friday, August 24 for this free workshop for business & technology enthusiasts and innovators.

We are proud to introduce our featured speaker for the day – Mr. Narayana Pedapudi!

Mr. Pedapudi is a Cloud PaaS solution architect at Oracle India. He is an expert on Cloud Integration Platform and Cloud Native Applications technologies and has 16 years of experience in dealing with complex integrations across cloud and on-premise applications. Mr. Pedapudi began his career in integration with Sun SeeBeyond Enterprise, where he worked with the integration platform, OpenESB. There, he was instrumental in developing adapters for widely used enterprise applications. Mr. Pedapudi is a cloud enthusiast who loves exploring new trends in cloud and IoT technologies. He loves to travel and spend most of his free time with family and friends. Learn more about the event and register today to secure your spot!


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