Learn Oracle strategies in Cloud security to support remote digital workforce with AST and Oracle. 


Tom Kopec, Senior Security Consultant at Oracle Corporation & Shob Saxena, Practice Director at AST LLC. 

Do not miss this discussion on the superior security benefits intrinsic in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Gen2 and helpful tips on laying a foundation for cloud security management, including aspects of Privileged Access & Identity Access Management, IdentityasaService, and Cloud Access Security Broker for remote workforces. 

Register today for this exciting session on Purposeful Digital Transformation! 

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Thanks to technology and the disruption caused due to COVID-19, working remotely is an imperative. While organizations continue to make strides in embracing work-from-home, securing data and a remote digital workforce is an emerging area of concern. 

If you share these concerns, join us for an immersive Lunch & Learn to find out more about the best practices and trends for securing a ‘Remote Digital Workforce’ using Oracle tools. To get started click and register 

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Data integrity is the key to organizational accuracyand information privacy is a key tenet supporting that data. Join us to understand Privileged Access Management (PAM), how PAM authentication works and its best practices. Also, we will discuss the differences between IAM and PAM! 

AST and Oracle are collaborating to bring our combined knowledge and expertise to share helpful tips for users. Register today for our Lunch & Learn: Securing Your Remote Digital Workforce. 

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Increase visibility into your entire cloud stack and provide the security automation your IT team needs with features like automated incident response, threat detection, predictive analytics and security configuration management. 

AST and Oracle have collaborated to bring our combined knowledge and expertise to share helpful tips about how Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) can serve as a foundation to shield your remote users and protect your enterprise systems against cyberattacks and threats. 

Get your questions answered by AST and Oracle experts! Click here to register for our Lunch & Learn: Securing Your Remote Digital Workforce today!  

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When giving your workforce access to mission-critical resources on the cloud, user authentication is imperative!

Please join us for a valuable webinar to learn how Oracle’s Identity and Access Management can augment your strategy around secured accesses for a remote digital workforce. We will also share information about additional Oracle technology, such as Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), CASB, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Gen2).

Click here to get details on our Lunch & Learn: Securing Your Remote Digital Workforce and register today!

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State and local government has gone through many transformations since Y2K. AST partnered with the Center for Digital Government who produced a thought leadership paper titled, “When Hindsight is 2020.” This resource includes expertise from industry and government and explores the challenges government leaders face today in the context of what we’ve overcome in the past.

We know our public sector followers will find the content relevant to the challenges they’re facing. Download a complimentary copy here.

Many thanks to AST customer contacts Rob Lloyd at the City of San Jose and Tom Lynch, Derrick Thomas, and Joel Inwood at Cook County for participating in the survey! A special shout-out to Jennifer Mascari, SVP of Government Sales at AST for spearheading our participation.

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Please join us for a valuable webinar to learn how changing workplace conditions have influenced cloud security strategies to support a remote digital workforce.

AST and Oracle have collaborated to bring our combined knowledge and expertise to share helpful tips about how Identity-as-a-Service can serve as an important part of securing your remote digital workforce. We will also share information about Oracle Cloud Infrastructures (OCI) Gen2 security.

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Many organizations have been forced to embrace remote digital workforces. This new normal has presented unique security challenges across industries.

What is your strategy for securing important data, employee personal information, and core system access? If this question is keeping you awake, plan to attend the AST LLC webinar ‘Securing Your Remote Digital Workforce’ in collaboration with @Oracle.

As remote workforces are becoming a vital part of the digital transformation journey, Shob Saxena and @Thomas Kopec will discuss how other organizations have leveraged Oracle’s Best of Breed OCI Gen 2 cloud security to reduce organizational risks.

Register today for this exciting session on Purposeful Digital Transformation!

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A BIG ‘Thank You’ goes out to everyone out there who attended our sessions through OATUG Online Forum. Though this year was very different from every other year, the event brought us together with some engaging and exciting conference conversations, and we’re looking forward to partnering with many of you as you embark on your digital transformation journeys. 

If you didn’t get a chance to speak with us this year, don’t worry – you can contact us any time with your questions about maximizing your on-premises solutions, evaluating a path to the cloud, or optimizing your business in the cloud.  As an Oracle Service partner, we’ve got just the experts for you. 

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to our AST team for their best efforts to get connected from their homes. It is because of you that AST is a top organization for digital transformation and a go-to partner for Oracle. 

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We hope you have been enjoying the networking sessions so far because tomorrow is the last day of the OATUG Forum Online. You can write to us at info@astcorporation.com or visit us at www.astcorporation.com 

Whether you have a question about Cloud platforms, EPM or CX you can interact with our experts and join in discussion groups using OATUG Forum Online Community in The Hub. 

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