Earlier this month, AST’s Technology Services team conducted a successful Architecture Review Board (ARB) for the implementation of Oracle’s Service Oriented Architecture Cloud Service (SOACS) at the National Industries for the Blind (NIB).  Mallikarjun Balla, Senior Director of IT at NIB, and Nirmala Sivakumar, Director of Enterprise Applications at NIB were among the team members who collaborated with AST’s top architects from Enterprise Integration, Web Architecture, Security, and Content Management. 

With the objective of validating the design for NIB’s transformational project, the ARB presented high-level requirements and key design elements, discussed intended and unintended consequences of the chosen design, and validated the design based on best practices. 

The collaborative approach of an ARB brings together the specific objectives of an organization with the highly specialized individuals who provide the expertise to reach those goals.  This was AST’s first virtual ARB.  The 2-hour collaboration was engaging and successful, providing an in-depth discussion on the enhancement of NIB’s solution.

“The concept behind the ARB session is very creative and informative. The process where different architect(s) discusses the architecture/design that is being proposed to customer gives a sense of confidence to customer that extra set(s) of eyes are reviewing the solution,” said Balla.  “The NIB Team had to get to understand the thought process behind the design/architecture, perspectives from different architects, and pros and cons of the design. The NIB Team was really impressed with the talent present at the ARB session and the depth of the expertise brought to the table.”  

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Applications Software Technology LLC (AST) is now a member of the Colorado Technology Association (CTA).  AST proudly joins a number of its existing clients and other technology leaders in this achievement and is excited to be part of the CTA’s 25-year legacy of helping technology thrive in Colorado.

AST’s motivation for involvement with the CTA and its mission includes:

Advocacy – CTA partners with national and state organizations to advocate for computer science in education, specifically to ensure strong technology programs for females and underrepresented students. The organization offers a one-click tool for members to connect with policymakers in their district in order to support the interest of the information technology community.

Social & Professional Networking – Because of their shared values, several of AST’s customers are also members of CTA.  Our Colorado-based employees are excited to get to know the current and future customers at the numerous CTA-hosted events throughout the year.  The Mile High CXO event and the Colorado Women’s Technology Conference are two that top the list!

Talent – CTA attracts and nourishes technology talent so that Colorado stays competitive in the tech industry.  Members share ideas and grow together, honing skills that keep technology thriving in the Rocky Mountain region.

With a mission to advance Colorado’s tech ecosystem through talent, advocacy, economic development, and community, the Colorado Technology Association has been at the heart of the Colorado tech movement since 1994, providing leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs the resources they need to thrive, and AST is proud to be aligned with the organization.

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For decades, Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) has been the preferred on-premise ERP solution for large and midsize organizations. Our customers continue to appreciate the breadth of modules and the deeply integrated functionality that helps to streamline global operations.

As the Oracle Cloud ecosystem continues to dramatically transform today’s technology landscape with a plethora of strategic business benefits, numerous organizations currently using Oracle EBS are considering the advantages of migrating to the modern Oracle ERP Cloud platform. Apprehensions mainly lie with the time it would take to upgrade, the ability to maintain and improve functionality over time, and security. 

AST’s EBS-to-Cloud Migration Accelerator (E2C) is a pre-built implementation accelerator that will speed up your cloud migration, enhance productivity, and deliver maximum value to your business. E2C automates the Cloud migration process for both transactional data and configuration setups to fast-track the journey from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud ERP.

AST’s E2C Migration Accelerator adds value to your transformation journey with:

  • Reduced implementation time by up to 30%;
  • Improved performance and reduced TCO;
  • Reduced dependency on business users, enabling them to focus on best practices and process improvements;
  • Improved user adoption and reduced change management and training issues; and
  • Seamless transition of transactional and configuration data in a secure protocol.

Contact us to learn more about how AST’s E2C Cloud Migration Accelerator simplifies cloud adoption and accelerates operational performance.

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The world has become more connected by technologybut the business of application testing is becoming more complex. Not to worry, AST has you covered!  

 Our comprehensive suite of automated testing and QA services for cloud applications will enable 80% reduction in patch testing time, 65% reduction in annual testing costs, and increased testing coverage across platforms, browsers, security roles, and test instances.

Read more about AST’s seamless end-to-end testing TaaS platform! 

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With new releases and patches being released by software vendors monthly or quarterly, organizations need to revisit their testing strategies for SaaS investmentClick below to learn how AST’s Testing-as-a-service (TaaS) can reduce your testing spend by over 65%. 

Contact us and learn more about how AST’s TaaS platform help automate cloud application testing. 

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Most small and mid-size organizations today are facing uncertainty and challenges requiring agility and nimble action to survive these unprecedented times. While CIOs have envisioned and set transformational goals on automating and streamlining internal processes, lower IT costs and increased efficiencies continue to remain in focus in this post-Covid era.

AST RAPID is a pre-configured solution for Oracle Cloud applications. We leverage Oracle’s in-built best practices and AST’s world-class consulting services to streamline your operations and show fast ROI. AST’s unique workshop approach ensures the software is a “right fit” and defines the timeline BEFORE you commit.  We provide a turnkey implementation, automated testing, personalized training material and training, and production support, along with a roadmap for future consideration.

AST’s RAPID is designed keeping in mind Oracle’s Modern Business Processes for the following modules:

  • Financials (GL, AP, FA, AR, EXP, CE)
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Product Information Management
  • Cost Management
  • Order Management
  • Manufacturing

Contact us to Learn more about how AST’s RAPID ERP implementations can position your organization for long term success.

Get ready to experience faster, more accurate, and cost-effective testing for Cloud Applications with AST’s best-in-class Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS).” AST’s TaaS is a proven solution that helps organizations identify defects 90% faster and reduces patch testing time by over 80%. On average our customers have seen a drop of nearly 65% in their annual testing spend

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Hope everyone enjoyed our Lunch & Learn: Securing Your Remote Digital Workforce! 

AST would like to thank those who attended our Lunch & Learn session. We hope you learned a lot about strategizing for security needs with Oracle and AST, and we look forward to joining you at our next event. 

We truly appreciate your support. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at info@astcorporation.com  

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Learn Oracle strategies in Cloud security to support remote digital workforce with AST and Oracle. 


Tom Kopec, Senior Security Consultant at Oracle Corporation & Shob Saxena, Practice Director at AST LLC. 

Do not miss this discussion on the superior security benefits intrinsic in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Gen2 and helpful tips on laying a foundation for cloud security management, including aspects of Privileged Access & Identity Access Management, IdentityasaService, and Cloud Access Security Broker for remote workforces. 

Register today for this exciting session on Purposeful Digital Transformation! 

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Thanks to technology and the disruption caused due to COVID-19, working remotely is an imperative. While organizations continue to make strides in embracing work-from-home, securing data and a remote digital workforce is an emerging area of concern. 

If you share these concerns, join us for an immersive Lunch & Learn to find out more about the best practices and trends for securing a ‘Remote Digital Workforce’ using Oracle tools. To get started click and register 

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