Author: Ankit C., Solutions Architect

Recently, we discovered a version mismatch issue in which two SOAP services on different versions (Service-A on SOAP 1.2 and Service-B on SOAP 1.1) were failing to communicate with each other. Here, we explain how to resolve this issue. Difference …

Managing a SOAP Version Mismatch Issue Using Oracle Service Bus Read More »

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What are CSF Key Credentials? A credential store is a repository of security data (credentials). A credential can hold username and password combinations, tickets, or public key certificates. A Credential Store Framework (CSF) is a framework which provides a set of in-built …

Automating CSF Key Credentials Configurations Read More »

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Recently, we ran into an issue in which we had multiple users in BPM falling under the same group with similar access, and we needed to restrict the users’ access to the BPM Human Task claimed by another user.  In …

Implementing Restrictions on a Claimed Human Task Read More »

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