Implementing Restrictions on a Claimed Human Task

Implementing Restrictions on a Claimed Human Task

Recently, we ran into an issue in which we had multiple users in BPM falling under the same group with similar access, and we needed to restrict the users’ access to the BPM Human Task claimed by another user.  In this way, only the assigned party can take actions on the Task.

In order to provide a solution to the above issue, we worked within the Access Restrictions provided in Human Task, and restricted the Owner of the Task with “View Only” access.

The below snapshots illustrate this process.

  • Open Human Task and go to Access → Actions (Tab).


  • Uncheck all grants, except “View”, “Resume Timers”, and “Suspend Timers”.


  • Save and Test the Process. Any user other than the Assignee should not be able to perform any action on the Task.
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