Surf the Wave of Property Tax Assessment Appeals with AST’s Salesforce-based Solution

Surf the Wave of Property Tax Assessment Appeals with AST’s Salesforce-based Solution

Is your government organization struggling to manage its Assessment Appeals processing? Will you be able to effectively manage the wave of appeals that is predicted due to recent times of uncertainty? 

County and City governments across the United States are burdened with manual, paper-based, and extremely time-intensive processes for property tax assessment appeals. Additionally, property owners who wish to reduce their tax burden with an appeal or exemption are faced with the same complex procedures and antiquated systems and a lack of visibility into the process and inefficient communication with the appropriate government office. To make matters worse, a wave of property tax assessment appeals is predicted to reach County and City governments across the U.S. in the coming months due to the economic upset related to COVID-19.   

Are your office, staff, and systems prepared? 

On Thursday, October 29, attend our webinar to learn how AST’s Assessment Appeals and Exemptions solution provides municipal governments the missing pieces to the appeals management puzzle – automation, efficiency, and centralized, accurate data. Our experts will discuss how the solution, built on the reliable and secure Salesforce cloud platform, provides a template for counties and cities to allow their citizens to apply for tax assessment appeals and exemptions entirely online! This informative session will discuss how our solution: 

  • Supports automated online and semi-automated paper business processes 
  • Provides accessible 24/7 self-service applications, amendments, postponements, and withdrawals 
  • Delivers automated workflows to help ease processing by city or county staff 
  • Centralizes appeals data 
  • Enables seamless back-end processes 
  • Integrates with electronic signatures (DocuSign) 
  • Enables automatic case creation 
  • Provides robust analytics and reports for city and county staff 

Comfortably ride the wave of property tax assessment appeals and exemption requests by eliminating inefficient, manual paper processes, and adopting completely remote assessment appeals and exemptions. 

Register today to secure your spot!  


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