Why Diversity Hiring Has Become a Top Priority in HR: A Talk with AST’s Director of Global Talent Acquisition

Have you given considerable thought recently to the workforce diversity in your organization?

Hiring practices for organizations large and small have experienced significant change.  Job seekers no longer turn to newspaper classifieds, but rely on online job boards and social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, and organizations around the globe are focusing on diversity hiring practices as a standard across HR.  As with all other aspects of business, modern technology and automation have changed the way we recruit, hire, and retain top talent – and bigger changes are on the horizon.  These developments challenge the very nature of every role in the Human Resource (HR) department, demanding that today’s HR functions strategically and plays a critical role in making business decisions.

Among the efforts to modernize hiring across industries is the implementation of diversity hiring. 

What is diversity hiring?  Does your company employ this concept?  Are they doing it right?  Join Hilary Wagner, AST’s Director of Global Talent Acquisition, at the Data-Driven HR & People Analytics conference in New York City on May 8 for an informative talk on this HR buzzword and how your organization can employ the concept for greater results in talent acquisition and retention. 

During this session, you’ll see real data showing how diversity hiring adds value to an organization’s overall success, innovation, and profitability.  Ms. Wagner will discuss how you can enhance your referral process to get the talent acquisition team focused on diverse hiring practices that benefit the entire organization, as well as provide an overview of what diversity hiring means to your business growth and how many companies have been hiring wrong for decades!

Register for the two-day (May 8-9) conference here, and don’t miss this opportunity to discuss diversity hiring with Ms. Wager, network with peers in HR and People Management from around the globe, and hear success stories from America, Europe, and around the world!

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