AST Closes Q1 2019 with Over 90% of Sales in Cloud

AST closed its first quarter of 2019 with a record percentage of sales in cloud software and services – more than 90%, making AST a true leader in digital transformation!

This achievement lines up with Gartner’s forecast that worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.8 trillion in 2019, an increase of 3.2% from expected spending of $3.7 trillion in 2018.

Cloud migration began a decade or so ago, primarily with non-mission-critical cloud services that addressed specific needs, such as web service tools, email/collaboration tools, app development/testing environments, etc. More recently, braver, forward-looking organizations have begun adopting cloud services for specific functions, such as sales force automation, talent management, and customer relationship management.  In a world where digital transformation is now in full swing, more clients are relying on AST’s cloud experts to deliver the modern solutions necessary to remain relevant in this cloud world. 

As a leader in cloud transformation, AST makes the cloud transition seamless for clients, enabling them to leverage the technology to yield desired business outcomes.  As cloud technology becomes core to modern businesses and governments, and no longer sits on the “nice to have” list, leading organizations are realizing the need to have a truly cloud-focused team of certified experts manage their modernization efforts.

Enter, AST.

For 24 years, AST has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to helping customers realize the full potential of their investments in leading technology.  This vision remains true as we navigate cloud technology and how it is changing the landscape of modern computing.

There is no cookie-cutter tool for migrating applications to the cloud. Each company has its unique environment, market forces, corporate objectives, industry imperatives, customer expectations, and enterprise IT priorities — which is why, at AST, we provide a prioritization framework along with an arsenal of best practices, pre-built templates, project accelerators, and above all, the deep industry and business process expertise needed to guide our customers along their unique cloud journey, be it migration, implementation, post-implementation support, or custom development.  AST leads organizations around the globe in cloud transition, from the development of an internal cloud strategy and framework, all the way through ongoing “run and maintain” managed services.

Contact AST today and let a true cloud leader put the power of a cloud core to work for your business.

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