Video: AST’s Autonomous Cloud Tester (ACT) – Turbocharge your cloud testing cycles!

Take the pain out of maintaining your Cloud applications! AST’s proprietary Autonomous Cloud Tester (ACT) is a Cloud-based subscription offering that automates and accelerates both functional and regression testing cycles using a unique test automation framework.

As cloud adoption has skyrocketed, organizations have struggled with the frequency, depth, and breadth of software updates.

Enter AST Autonomous Cloud Tester (ACT) – built specifically for Cloud!

  • Can be rapidly deployed for any Cloud application with zero impact to existing projects, testing processes, or tools
  • Enables users with real-time analytics for test execution, expected/actual results, issues, and test data
  • Built-in accelerators for industry-leading products (e.g., Oracle Cloud, Salesforce) can be quickly configured and mapped to critical business flows, requirements, and job roles
  • All code and transactional test data is provisioned and hosted independently and securely in AWS Cloud
  • Developed using leading open source technologies

Benefits include:

  • 75% reduction in regression testing timelines
  • Early detection of issues and defects in critical functions
  • Timely deployment to production environments
  • 70% increase in team bandwidth for priority tasks and new feature sets
  • Full audit trail and history of testing cycles, assignments, results, and defects
  • Flexibility to run smoke/sanity tests across browsers, platforms, and instances
  • Automated role-based security testing for key business roles and job functions
  • Real-time analytics into test execution results and quality traceability matrix

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