Is Your Data Management Strategy Stuck in the 90s?


Improve your data, communications, and customer experience with Oracle CDM!

Effective data management is critical to your organization’s success. This is especially true when it comes to maintaining customer data. In today’s digital and global business world, customer data management is not just the responsibility of the Sales and Marketing departments, but many organizations still operate as if this were the case. Is yours one of them?

Nearly every department within an organization is responsible for effective marketing of their brand, with the lines between sales, customer support, product development, and marketing growing blurry. With this commingling of data and processes between functional areas, everyone must work together to contribute data that provides a 360˚ view of the customer.

The challenge for many organizations is not collecting customer data, but figuring out how to maintain and manage that data for effective business operations. In this respect, IT departments are getting more pressure from business units to consolidate and provide better data.

Enter Oracle Customer Data Management (CDM) Cloud.

Oracle CDM Cloud works seamlessly with any CRM system – Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, NetSuite – to create one common, efficient data management platform.

Learn more about the inherent features of Oracle’s CDM products here:

Contact AST today to discuss how Oracle CDM Cloud can break down your data silos and unlock the power of your customer data.

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