A Great Movie You Might Have Missed

shutterstock_583422439The first thing usually seen in a movie review is its rating—is it a thumbs up or a thumbs down? If that alone is taken at face value, people could be missing out on a great movie.

Movies are quite subjective, and are based on the viewer’s preferences. For example, a reviewer may not like special effects, so the movie receives a negative review. However, another viewer may love them. In deciding not to see the movie because of this negative review, the viewer would miss out on a movie they would have enjoyed.

A similar scenario applies to the world of Big Data: it is full of metrics, insights, and measurements that we, perhaps to our own detriment, assume are accurate. True understanding comes from digging beneath the surface, and is critical to making sound decisions.

This article from CIO Review demonstrates that data isn’t black and white. How unstructured Big Data is chosen, used, and treated are critical factors when considering the data being collected and summarized for us every day.

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