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shutterstock_280349987In an enlightening article written by Oracle’s Bob Rhubart, members of the Oracle Architect community reflect on the technological evolution that 2016 has presented, and how this has forced them to adapt and evolve in their careers – a positive, but eye-opening experience for most.

Rhubart states, “…in nearly every human endeavor, what you plan to do will ultimately bear only limited resemblance to what you actually end up doing. Professional philosophers refer to this phenomenon as life.”

Among those quoted in the Oracle Magazine November 2016 article is AST’s own Abhay Kumar, Oracle ACE and Senior Principal Consultant on the AST Middleware team.  Kumar “reports that microservices have become a part of most of the architectural discussions in which he has participated. ‘Breaking monolithic machines into small, modularized components that are highly fault-tolerant and self-healing has been the talk of the enterprise,’ he says.”

Facing necessary course corrections is something we all face, in our careers, at home, and throughout everyday life.  As we wrap up 2016, it’s helpful to reflect on those detours we were forced to take during the year and the lessons they have conveyed.  Additionally, as we open a new chapter with 2017, remember that your vision for the year will likely look very different in December of 2017 than it did in January.

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