Free Webinar Next Week: How Leading Cities Exceed Citizen Expectations with 311 Solutions!

311 Solutions - Pre-Webinar ThumbnailA key challenge that many large cities face today is how to cost effectively and efficiently provide municipal services to citizens through a rapidly expanding plethora of channels – mobile phones, websites, email, apps, and social media.  How can leading cities retain control of costs when new channels are constantly emerging?

With internet and mobile technology, the modern citizen expects information immediately, and waiting for a response is simply unacceptable.  Communities that rely on legacy information systems or completely lack a structure to provide facts, data, and response to non-emergency requests are promoting a culture of frustration, defiance, and lack of awareness.

Modern, cloud-based 311 solutions provided by AST and Oracle offer an unprecedented ability to engage citizens with greater efficiency and improved agility, instill trust in city governance, and build a community of citizens who are informed and prepared, ultimately saving the city time and costs by eliminating inefficiencies.  A modern 311 solution from AST and Oracle offers your community the following benefits:

  • Timely communications with citizens
  • Efficient community engagement
  • Communication via platforms of choice, including mobile devices
  • Ease of adaptation to fluctuating business demands

Join us on Thursday, October 20, 2016 from 1:00 – 2:00 PM CDT for a free webinar, detailing how 311 solutions have evolved into modern information highways for citizens, and how AST and Oracle can provide the next evolution for technology-based customer experiences in your community.

Don’t continue to leave your citizens in the dark or without a clear connection to non-emergency services.  Exceed expectations and become a leading city with modern, responsive 311 solutions provided by AST and Oracle.

Space is limited – Register here!

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