Big Data: Making a Shopping List before Your Trip to the Store

shutterstock_300344546Your Big Data effort could be the most involved project your company takes on in the near future.  Using the Big Data concept to help predict how and where to do business is a huge undertaking.  The first steps include defining what Big Data means to you and taking inventory of what your organization may already have that’s useful.

Big Data means something different to every industry, and further, something different to corporations within an industry.  Denise Zabawski explains in this article the importance of taking the time to understand what you have, as far as data goes, and how you use it.  Take even more time to figure out what you don’t have that, once acquired, staged, and merged, will push your company into the world of predictive analytics.  Bring in the right people to help determine logistics and execution strategies that align with corporate strategies and objectives.

Careful planning will ensure efficiency and higher chances of success for your Big Data project!

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