Tell a Great Story with Data Visualization

BI-2B-2BEPMData visualization should tell a story.  When you’re faced with the challenge of making this story informative and captivating, consider the message you’re sending to the audience.

Data visualization is much more than hastily compiling some tables and charts.  Since there isn’t much real estate on most computer screens, it’s important not to confuse your audience with a barrage of graphics, but to provide valuable, succinct information to support critical business decisions.

Tell your story in a way that makes sense to the audience, but also provides options to delve deeper for further insight – start with what they know, then let them dive into what they suspect.  Business Intelligence enables developers to design the story as a user expects to read it.  The presentation should allow the viewer to peel back the layers of data to either confirm or reinvent their business insights.

Read more about how to deliver a captivating BI story in this CIO Review article by Rick White.

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