Make the Most of Your Big Data Project with a Comprehensive Approach

Is your company queueing up a Big Data effort?  One of the challenges will be making it comprehensive enough to positively affect decision-making at all levels within your organization.
A Big Data project should focus on more than just reducing costs for a firm.  Many companies in the midst of a Big Data project wind up with greatly improved data management solutions, but don’t realize the business transformations that accompany such an endeavor.  A significant hurdle for these, and many other BI projects, is the lack of input and visibility to the solution by non-executive staff.  This article by Thor Olavsrud in CIO magazine highlights this problem for firms undergoing a Big Data project and offers some ways to capitalize on the investment in a Big Data solution.
To help alleviate the feeling of missed opportunity within such a project, it is important to include metrics that benefit all departments.  Also, provide an access strategy that includes non-executive teams, allowing them to effectively participate in the decision-making process.
Make the most of your investment in a Big Data solution by making it a comprehensive effort, transcending all levels of data within your organization.

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