Oracle Cloud Platform for Big Data Unveiled at OpenWorld 2015

At this year’s Oracle OpenWorld, the software giant announced its new cloud services platform, which is designed to automate traditional manual processes and improve utilization of big data.  These two attributes will cut the costs associated with modifications to previous versions, and will allow companies to rapidly discover and utilize business insights.

With the advances provided by this new Cloud Platform, the ease-of-use in working within the Oracle environment has been streamlined for greater accessibility to all users. The offering allows improved flexibility for companies to decide which solution is best for their needs, whether on-site or offsite, and drastically reduces deployment times for infrastructure setup, capacity structuring, and data incorporation. This increasing trend of customizations to turnkey solutions continues to benefit large companies seeking to maximize their data with improved business intelligence, while allowing smaller organizations to begin utilizing and benefitting from the tools traditionally reserved for only larger firms.

Despite the emphasis on cloud migration, this solution provides the ability to fully integrate with more traditional infrastructures and on-site solutions. Increasing modularity allows companies of all sizes and configurations to better maximize the value and utility of Oracle’s business solutions by minimizing the cost and time to upgrade, deploy, and manage.

Read more about this new solution here!

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