A Proven Approach to Ensuring Success for your BI Project

Today’s Business Intelligence (BI) initiatives must demonstrate solid and rapid results to business users and other stakeholders. Loosely-managed scope and poor planning can quickly derail a BI project. Effective project management and application of technology are key – but, so are planning and execution.
AST knows that the key to a successful IT project is the ability to integrate project management best practices, proven project lifecycle steps, and effective quality assurance activities within a structured framework.
The AST BI Assessment is a proven mechanism to mitigate risk, gain a sound understanding of the initiative’s scope, capture requirements, and ultimately establish a clear foundation to move forward.
Our concise offering rapidly leverages our proven methodology and approach, which is based on key projects and years of collective business and information technology experience. The AST BI Assessment provides current state analysis and assessment, business cases and priorities, BI roadmap development, recommendations, and an action plan.
Learn more about AST’s BI Assessment here.

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