AST Blog Series: Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management is one of the most important factors in any software implementation process. When projects fail, the factors cited for the failure often fall into areas that can be addressed with an Organizational Change Management Plan, such as inadequate communications, lack of leadership support and a user base that is not ready to adopt the new system.
It is important for executive management to realize both the strengths and the weaknesses within the business and the team, and to facilitate an appropriate strategy and plan for managing the change within the organization. Remember to work with your implementation partner to define the strategy and drive it consistently throughout the project. It is essential for an organization to have a solid change management structure in place in order for the project to be completed successfully.
Very closely linked to Change Management is the approach your organization will use to train end users.  We will be discussing training options in our next installment of this AST Blog Series.

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