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Hassle-Free Cloud Application Maintenance

As cloud adoption continues to skyrocket, organizations have struggled with the frequency, depth, and breadth of software updates. As a result, the cloud testing market continues to grow, year-over-year. Enterprises are facing major challenges today with the testing of cloud applications, including: coping with testing requirements, high turnaround time for completion of testing activities, inadequate and improper testing coverage across security roles and platforms, and more.
AST’s proprietary Autonomous Cloud Tester (ACT) tool takes the pain out of maintaining and testing cloud applications, and is provided as comprehensive, end-to-end Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS).
This solution includes provisioning of test machines, installation and configuration of tools and frameworks, test automation, test execution, results reporting, and maintenance of tools and test scripts.

  • Rapidly deployable for any cloud application with zero impact to existing projects, testing processes, or tools;
  • Real-time analytics for test execution, expected/actual results, issues, and test data;
  • Built-in accelerators for industry-leading Oracle Cloud products that can be quickly configured and mapped to critical business flows, requirements, and job roles;
  • All test data is provisioned and hosted independently and securely in the Cloud; and
  • Developed using leading open-source testing technologies and frameworks (e.g.: Selenium).

Key Benefits of This Solution

Early Detection of Issues

ACT helps reduce regression testing timelines by over 75%, leading to early detection of issues and defects in critical functions and the timely deployment to production environments.


Platform Agnostic

ACT provides the flexibility to run smoke/sanity tests across browsers, platforms, and instances.


Increased Bandwidth

Experience a 70% increase in team bandwidth for priority tasks and new feature sets.

AST’s Autonomous Cloud Tester is a comprehensive, integrated testing solution that ensures the quality, scalability, and availability of your cloud applications.”

Navneet Ritolia
Testing and QA Practice Director, AST LLC

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