Enterprise Applications Support Methodology (EASM)


Enterprise Applications Support Methodology (EASM)

Enterprise Applications Support Methodology (EASM) is AST’s proprietary and proven methodology, designed to efficiently and consistently deliver support services to our customers.

AST’s Managed Services team utilizes the ITIL® framework, in combination with our proprietary support methodology (EASM), to provide a structured, best practice approach to the execution of support services. Providing high quality, efficient, and reliable support services throughout the service lifecycle is an essential component to maximizing an organization’s investment in technology.

EASM is comprised of well-defined phases, milestones, and corresponding deliverable templates that allow us to transform our extensive Oracle and Industry experience into valuable and repeatable services. Your organization can expect the following benefits with AST Managed Services and our EASM model:

  • A proven and structured method for managing support services
  • Reporting tools to track and measure system and service performance
  • Knowledge Base tools to ensure end users have easy access to known issues and solutions
  • Change Management, Instance Management, and Patch Management tools to ensure smooth transitions take place, minimizing the impact to business
  • Reduction in the number of incidents reported over time
  • Optimized system performance and improved business processes
  • Improved service levels, customer adoption rates and customer satisfaction ratings

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