Testing Center of Excellence


Testing Center of Excellence

Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE)

AST provides end-to-end testing and QA services for all of your Cloud, Web, Packaged, and Web Services Applications via our Testing Center of Excellence.  Our test consultants with years of industry experience work very closely with your Business and IT teams to build and execute on a comprehensive testing strategy, ensuring high quality and timely deployment to production systems.  

Cloud Test Automation:  

AST provides highly secure, reliable, and on-demand automated testing services hosted on AWS to significantly improve the quality of all your Cloud deployments without requiring large upfront investments in test automation tools or test infrastructure. We have a library of pre-built, automated scripts and test accelerator solutions that can be quickly retrofitted to meet unique business testing needs and requirements. 

Test Process Automation: 

We streamline testing processes via implementation of the PractiTest Cloud ALM solution. This enables real time analytics into testing progress and defects, efficient management of test collateral and the ability to quickly plan, execute, and report regression testing cycles. 

Platform Testing Services: 

We assess client testing needs and requirements holistically across all platforms and integrating solutions to create a tailor-made testing approach providing 100% coverage for business-critical functionality. Our consultants follow DevOps/Agile testing methodologies, enabling shift-left test approaches and faster time to market. 

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